Top 8 Benefits of Inversion Table

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I don’t blame you if you’re quite skeptical about the benefits of inversion table on the human body. After all, there are two schools of thought that keep on clashing on internet forums, news articles, and whatever media they can turn into battle arenas.  One school of thought says that they SWEAR by inversion tables while the other one says that these exercise machines are nothing but a waste of money.

Honestly speaking, the tangible benefits of inversion table fit the “different strokes for different folks “dogma. If you really want to know how inversion tables can help you ease your chronic back pain, read on.

The two points below are the main benefits of inversion table and probably the reason why you’re on this website.

Back Pain Relief and Spinal Decompression

The main reason why people buy inversion tables is to relieve the chronic pain munching on their backs. However, the benefits of inversion table are many and diverse. The ache caused by damage or illnesses to your back can be relieved with just a few minutes of lying down a few degrees below the horizontal – inversion tables allowthe spine to stretch safely and effectively so that any sickness or discomfort is either minimized or removed altogether.

Second off our list is, of course, spinal decompression. Relieving your spine from the evils of gravity gives your back a much deserved realignment.

What we noticed about inversion tables is that most users have chronic back pains caused by issues in L5 and L2 nerve pains as well as C5-6 and C6-7. Even those with DDD liked the results of inversing.

All in all, inversing allows your discs to take a breather – a very soothing sensation for those with sciatica or pinched nerves. A good 5-10 minute inversion at 2-3 minute intervals for at least 5 repetitions (some extremists spend 2-3 hours on inversion tables) will definitely give your back the oohs and the ahs they long for.

Muscle Relaxation and Improved Blood Circulation

Happier Life: Benefits of Inversion Table

Your spine isn’t the only one getting the star treatment – another one of the benefits of inversion table is that it relaxes muscles and also improves the circulation of blood throughout the body.

When you hang upside-down, the muscles on your back, hips, and hamstrings are relaxed. Also, hanging inverted distorts (in a good way) the circulation of the blood around the body. If you’re living a sedentary lifestyle just sitting in front of the computer and typing your life away, just a few minutes of inversion daily will really bring more color to your life and more importantly to your health. We recommend the Ironman IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table if you want a bit of a massage to spice up your inversion experience.

It is also a fact that during inversion, your blood accumulates in organs flushing out toxins and by-products and transports them to your blood stream where they can be expelled from the body. There’s just so much benefits of inversion table if it’s used right.

What about the feeling of blood suddenly rushing to your head? It’s actually more of an acclimation thing. All you have to do is allow your body to adapt to the sudden change in configuration – don’t immediately tilt to 180 degrees like what you see in ads; inverse in increasing degrees starting at 20 degrees, or maybe even just a little beyond the parallel, then slowly work your way towards 60 degrees or more if your body can handle it.  A lot of inversion tables actually have locks that let you safely invert to pre-set angles. Teeter HangUps and Ironman are good brands to check out.

The points below are the other benefits of inversion table that will give you more bangs for your buck.

Bye Bye Meds (or at least minimize intake)

Most people with bad backs for so many years swear by the relief they get from using these exercise machines daily.  What’s more, inversion tables are a whole lot cheaper than meds, not to mention a long term health investment too. So this is one of the most important benefits of inversion table.

Swelling and Sore Muscle Relief

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This is one of the inversion table benefits that we really like. Often times, the muscle groups you often use easily get sore and painful. And if you’re busy as a bee – the kind that writes or types frequently, the muscle group on your shoulder and lower back gets the most use and abuse. Inverting yourself regularly increases blood flow on those areas giving them a much-deserved supply of oxygen. Give those hardworking muscles a bit of R and R!

On a side note, you can up the ante of your muscle relaxation sessions with Teeter Acupressure Nodes (exclusive for Teeter tables with ComforTrak technology)!

Cooler, Better Posture

Gravity, as necessary as it is to our existence, takes their toll on our spine. By inverting, we stretch our spine, gives it a breather, and allows them to get back to their natural alignment. A lot of forums on the internet actually swear by the relief they get from inversion tables. Why don’t you give it a try?

Improves the Lymph System

Our lymph nodes are very important to the immune system. Basically, these nodes act as military bases for antibodies as they await the next enemy attack, a.k.a. viruses and bacteria. When you get a cold, you’ll usually feel swollen lymph below your jawline – that means the antibodies are waging war against foreign intruders.  Individuals that live sedentary lifestyles can benefit from inversion therapy by allowing the fluids inside the lymph nodes to circulate throughout the body thus creating a better and healthier you!

Joint Pain Relief

Our joints especially our knees and waists are prone to the detrimental effects of gravity, pretty much like the spine. With a little help from inversing and moderate workout on the side, you can rid yourself of painful joints and turn them into strong and flexible ones. One of the major items on the long list of benefits of inversion table, relieving joint pains is a great investment especially if you’re a wee bit beyond your prime. Definitely one of the benefits of inversion table that will keep us active, stronger, and happier.

The Benefits of Inversion Table are up for grabs!

Now you know several of the most important benefits of inversion table. But mind you – there are a lot more! Not only does it relieve back pain but it also serves other beneficial purposes such as muscle tension relief and improved blood circulation. What’s more, some models of inversion tables have core training functions so you really get the most out of your hard-earned money.

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