Simple Inversion Table Exercises YOU Can Do

Did you know that you can also do simple exercises with an inversion table? Yes, you can! Not only can inversion tables set your back straight and relieve some annoying pain but it can also tone your glutes, hamstrings, and even abs!

Here are some inversion table workouts that anyone can do – all it takes is a dash of patience and a sprinkle of practice. Also, remember to NOT fully hang upside down if you’re not used to inversion tables and ALWAYS start in an angle you’re comfortable with.

A Few Reminders Before You Start

You should read this especially if you’re just a beginner.

Before you jump in and start doing inversion table exercises, you should first know your limits and capabilities – exercises, as simple as they may be, are not for everyone. So listen up, young padawan:

Before you fully invert to 180-degrees or whatever angle your inversion table can reach, you should be accustomed to inversion first. Start by inverting just below the horizontal – around 20 to 30 degrees – whichever you’re comfortable with. Do this in 2 to 3 minute intervals over a 10-minute period. You will know you’re already acclimated to inversion when you can fully relax while inverted. Do this for at least 2 weeks in increasing angles until you’re confident that you can fully invert without feeling sick.

What happens when you invert immediately?

When you do inversion table exercises (or just plain inversion) immediately, blood will definitely rush to your head. It might just feel uncomfortable at first but stay in that position for too long and you’ll likely get a ruptured retina, a nosebleed or even a ruptured artery in your head. So please be patient and invert gradually, NEVER immediately.

Inversion Table Exercises


Invert in an angle you feel most comfortable. Place both hands on your chest and try to lift your upper body using your abdominal muscles. Do this 10 times in 3 repetitions. This is one of the best (but also one of the hardest) inversion table exercises you can do and if you feel a burning sensation in your stomach area, you’re doing it right. Here’s a video of Jason Cronan doing inversion exercises.

Sit Ups

This is a little bit like inverted crunches but instead of putting your hands on your chest, you extend them like you are trying to reach your feet. This also targets your upper abdominal muscles and is much more effective than your regular sit-ups because of the inverted position.

Increased Decompression

You can do this alone if you are fully inverted or if you can have someone to help you if you’re just beyond the horizontal. To do this while fully inverted, reach for the table legs and pull yourself down some more. Rejoice if you hear some cracking and popping sound emanating from your back – that’s the sound of success! If you’re not fully inverted just ask someone to pull you down gently. Just be sure that you have a nice inversion table that will hold your feet securely and comfortably.


Be careful when doing these kinds of inversion table exercises – it can do more harm than good to your back if done incorrectly.

Improve your backbone’s flexibility by twisting your upper body left and right. You can use the legs or the A-frame for support.

Here’s a video uploaded by The Healthy Back Institute that shows the last 2 inversion table exercises:

Lumbar Zone Stretches 

Try to arch your lower back and hold on to it for 3 seconds. Repeat 5 times. This will help stretch your lumbar zone especially if you like to hunch your back. You can also use an accessory called Lumbar Zone Stretcher together with your inversion table.

What exercises did you do with your inversion table?

Push your table’s potential to the limit by doing a few simple inversion table exercises – you get a rock-hard abs, toned glutes, calves, and hamstrings, and you get your money’s worth! It’s a win-win!

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