The Teeter Inversion Table was created by a certain Roger Teeter whose chronic back pains motivated him to design and manufacture the Teeter therapy tables we know and love today.

On their official website, Teeter Hang Ups are said to be the ONLY brand of inversion tables certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). The said products are also able to meet medical-grade standards and are known for their durability as well as their affordability. So it’s not hard to say that Teeter Hang Ups are one of the best inversion tables on the market and may even give IronMan inversion tables a run for their money. Truly, the teeter difference is the quality of products they provide their customers.

Why Choose a Teeter Inversion Table?

By now, you already know how inversion tables can help ease your back pains especially the chronic and sporadic pain emanating from your lower back. One question remains: why choose a Teeter Hang Ups? Here are three answers to that million-dollar question.

User-friendly: Teeter Hang Ups are well known for their user friendly features such as the ComforTrak bed of the sought-after EP-560 to the patented Flex Technology of the EP-950. So whenever you strap yourself to this fantastic contraption, you can be sure that you’re in for a comfortable inverting experience.

And if you’re living in a small apartment or room, it’s good to know that Teeters are space-friendly – that is, they’re foldable and storable.

Affordable: Sometimes, our choice all boils down to the price of the product. Teeter Hang Ups are all very good products – you just need to find the right one for your back. Most inversion tables of the Teeter variety cost around $200 to $300. We know they’re a little expensive but they are definitely worth more than what you pay for. If you think this price range is well beyond your budget you might want to try looking at Ironman inversion tables.

High-performance: Teeter Hang Ups is no doubt great at improving the state of affairs on your lower back – it relieves pressure from pinched sciatic nerves as well as decompresses and relaxes your back. Many Teeter inversion table reviews and consumer reports are nothing but positive feedbacks and even Amazon ratings average at 4.5 stars. Yes, they’re just that awesome.

Looking for more options? You can check out the following brands:

Top Teeter Inversion Table Reviews

Honestly speaking, all Teeter tables are awesome and in this review, we give you this awesome chart in an attempt to help you find the best Teeter Inversion table for your back caring needs. Remember, choose wisely!

These therapy tables are genuinely A-listers on the inversion table world so choosing any of the 5 guarantees utmost satisfaction. Aside from a few factors to consider such as price, weight capacity, and height limit, choosing one is really just a matter of personal preference.

We only reviewed two tables because we found out that the variations of each one like the EP-960 and the EP-550 are basically the same with minute (or even unnoticeable) modifications. But hey, choosing which model suits you is still your choice! Onwards to the Teeter HangUps review!

Teeter Hang Ups EP-950 Inversion Table With Healthy Back DVD

Teeter Hangups EP-950

Don’t be surprised that the EP-950 made it to Mission Inversion’s top 5 best inversion tables as well as this exhaustive Teeter HangUps review. With its patented “Flex Technology” that lets the table move with your back instead of against it, you get a lot more room for movement which produces better results for your back.

Comfort is also one aspect that the EP-950 excels in. Its EZ angle tether strap lets you comfortably set rotation angles at 20, 40, or even 60 degrees. What’s more, this heck of a machine offers a triple-lock feature that has an easy-to-reach lever which is around 9 inches longer than older models such as the F-8000. So you don’t have to pamper your back only to break it again because of a hard-to-reach ankle lock mechanism.

At $399.99, the price is a little higher than most inversion tables, but so are your chiropractor and physiotherapist’s fees. Plus it comes with a handy Healthy Back DVD. If you’re willing to spend a few hundred bucks for a long-term back pain home remedy, this Teeter inversion table is a good investment.

Teeter Hang Ups EP-560 Ltd Inversion Table w/ bonus Acupressure Nodes & Lumbar Bridge

Teeter Inversion Table Ep-560

If Ironman has the ATIS 4000, Teeter HangUps has the EP-560 – it’s on steroids too!

The EP-560 is one beastly machine with so many features your back will definitely love. The ComforTrak bed is actually just a variation of the EP-950’s Flex Technology which basically allows the bed to move as you move to provide a wider range of motion. But as an added bonus Teeter included Acupressure Nodes and a Lumbar Bridge that fit anywhere along the ComorTrak bed though we noticed that the table works fine even without those two.

What we love about the EP-560 is the Ergo-Embrace ankle cups that Teeter claims to be the world’s most comfortable ankle support. They’re not far from the truth though – gone are the days when need to wear thick socks, shoes, or even gravity boots to shield our ankles from the mould.

It’s just a dollar more expensive than the EP-950 at only $400.14. Considering the ton of features mentioned above and the added Instructional DVD plus the bonus 5 Simple Stretching & Strengthening Classes for Your Back instructional video, you basically get a great bargain. Truly a deserving item to be included on this Teeter inversion table review!

You can also get the EP-560 without the bonuses for a cheaper price. Also, the Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge can be purchased separately.

Get Your Teeter Inversion Table!

We feel confident that we already gave you the juiciest and the most info-packed Teeter HangUps review! All you need to do now is to cherry-pick the best Teeter HangUps inversion table for your back.