“Convert before you invert” is Stamina inversion table in a nutshell. Basically, strapping yourself in a seated position before inverting instead of standing is what separates this brand from the crowd.

The greatest thing about Stamina inversion tables is probably that mounting one is super easy! With the Stamina’s Seated to Straight Inversion Therapy Table and InLine Inversion System, you get the benefits of most inversion tables without the hassle of securing yourself on a standard (standing) one.

We noticed that Stamina foam-padded everything from handlebars to backrests but some parts of the contraption still hurts a bit especially on the ankle supports. If you’re pain intolerant we recommend wearing thick socks or even shoes to keep your ankles from the hurt. Also, the Seated to Straight model isn’t designed for lamp posts, I mean, tall people – if you’re beyond 5’9” you may want to check out other brands.

Stamina Inversion Table: Convert Before You Invert

Stamina models are mostly known for their transforming capability which makes using this variety of inversion table a whole lot easier as compared to standard ones.  What’s more, you still get the benefit of most inversion tables: spine decompression and relief of lower back pains, improved blood circulation, muscle relaxation, and many more.

Currently there are two Stamina inversion table products on Amazon: the Seated to Straight Inversion Therapy Table and the InLine Inversion System. Both of the models are convertible. The only difference we noticed between the two is that the InLine model has leg support adjustments to fit the thigh length while the Seated to Straight has none.

Looking for more options? You can check out the following brands:

PictureTablePriceRating Capacity (lbs)
Stamina InLine Inversion System$$4.3250
Stamina Seated Inversion$$$4.1250

Like the Gravity 1000 inversion table, these two are as basic as they get. They still get the job done though with their Ratcheting Leg Lock System which is fitted with a nifty push-button lever. This mechanism firmly holds your ankles so you can be sure that you won’t plunge head first into your doom when you invert.  But we found out that a lot of customer reviews say that the padded ankle cushions aren’t enough to shield them from the pain so you should be prepared to wear socks or shoes if you ever decide to buy any of the two.

These machines are also installed with Nylon tether straps that control your inversion as well as adjustable footrests that will definitely help you arrive at the correct inverting position. The frame is made of heavy-duty steel but it can only support up to 250 pounds. It’s quite a bummer actually, and if you’re beyond this weight, you might want to look at inversion tables that support beyond that.  <link to table with 350lbs capacity>

The Seated to Straight costs $399 while the InLine comes at $151.98 but if you want don’t want to fold in half while strapping the ankle locks, spending a few more hundred dollars for that feature is worth it.

What’s the Verdict?

Both the Seated to Straight and InLine models are sturdy and get the job done. Their most redeeming feature is their convertibility from chair to full-fledged inversion table. However, other features and benefits they provide can be found on better (and cheaper) inversion brands such as Ironman, Teeter HangUps, or even Body Champ. We don’t even get why these two are priced at the $150-$400 range!

All in all, the two Stamina inversion table models are a good catch if you want to stay away from the hassle of mounting on a standard inversion table.