The thing about Body Power tables is that they are often overlooked because of other more famous inversion table manufacturers. It might be due to better marketing strategy of the latter brands but you should know that when it comes to quality, Body Power isn’t something you can scoff at – these mean machines are well-engineered too!

Albeit overlooked, Body Power is one of the trusted names in the health and wellness industry. With the mountain of benefits you can get from this bad boy (or girl), it can even give the likes of Ironman or Teeter HangUps a run for their money. But what really makes a Body Power inversion table unique is its innovative design – from dual-purpose tables to chair style inversion systems, Body Power have them all. Aside from that, their products are simple yet sturdy and definitely worth the money.

Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Best Body Power Inversion Table

The table below shows the best Body Power tables available on Amazon. These back-care devices are all top-notch, really. Choosing one is just a matter of personal preference. Check them out!

PictureTablePriceRatingCapacity (lbs)
Body Power IT9910 Seated Deluxe Inversion System
Body Power IT6300 Inversion Table$$4.5250
Body Champ IT8070 Inversion Therapy Table$$$4.3250
Body Max IT6000 Inversion Therapy Table$4.3250

Looking for more options? You can check out the following brands:

The Body Power Brand

Body Power is a branch company of Body Champ, another well-known entity in the health and fitness world. Both have already been endorsed by physical therapists and even athletes since its establishment in 1993 and have also been one of the most trusted brands when it comes to benches, treadmills, exercise bikes, and of course, inversion tables. So you can rest assured that you won’t go wrong with a Body Power inversion table.

Top 3 Body Power Reviews

Body Power ABI1600 Ab and Back Machine

Body Power Inversion Table Ab and Back Machine

The name says it all – the ABI 1600 can do more than just invert you. With its sturdy steel frame and two pairs of safety hand rail, this lean and mean machine also lets you do Abs and back exercises! In the machine’s upright configuration (Ab-crunch mode), you can do a variety of exercises such as twisting vertical knee raises, twisting straight leg raises, vertical knee raises, and straight leg raises. You’ll definitely feel like you just went to the gym after using this dual-purpose inversion table!

We also noticed that its total weight is only 68 pounds so it’s understandable that the tubular steel frame can only carry up to 250-pounds. But still, a 250-pound weight limit is a little constricting (if you weigh more than 250-pounds, please check other high-capacity inversion tables here). Other than that, every component gets a passing mark on our book: the “Deluxe” foam pads for the back rest are comfortable enough and the ankle cushions don’t hurt unlike our expectations. We also love that it only took us an hour to assemble the package – half of our 2 hour average assembly time.

At $180.63, this 2-in-1 machine is a sweet deal. So if you’re craving for some ab crunches but doesn’t want the added cost (and the hassle of buying and assembling) of extra equipment, the ABI 1600 Ab and Back Machine is a match made in heaven for you.

Body Power IT9910 Seated Deluxe Inversion System

Body Power Seated Deluxe

Body Power really loves innovative designs – the IT9910 is basically installed with a “chair-style” inversion mechanism that lets you secure yourself in a seated position first before you fully invert.

We thought that the IT9910 is just another chair-to-inversion table convertible but after using it we really started to appreciate the chair-style system. For those with chronic back pain caused by protrusions on the spine or pinched nerves, starting in a seated position is really a necessity since reaching for those ankle straps while standing is already a back breaking chore.

This Body Power inversion table is quite heavy so unless you want to break a few more vertebrae, make sure to assemble it where you want to put it. It takes up quite a bit of space too, so keep in mind your home’s size before purchasing this big boy. Other than that this Body Power inversion table is a well-built and well-performing inversion therapy table.

$273.42 is a bit expensive but put that price tag on this baby and it practically becomes a bargain. If you’re having a hard time bending downwards because of spinal issues then the IT9910 Seated Deluxe Inversion System will make your inversion experience a gazillion times better.

Body Power IT6300

Body Power IT6300

The IT6300 is another addition to the collection of what we call ‘basic’ tables. This model of Body Power inversion table might even be more “rudimentary” than the Gravity 1000 Inversion Table or Body Champ IT8070 (even though it’s a bestseller)! But once again, the IT6300 does its job right – it’s got a comfy nylon backboard as backrest, a pull-pin adjustment system for quick and easy angle configuration, and safety implements for security, all of which are supported by a sturdy steel frame that has a 250-pound capacity. Its inversion range is limited to a 140-degree angle but hey, that’s as much as you can squeeze out from a $109.98 table.

If you’re looking for bread-and-butter tables, this one is a good pick although you can get the Body Champ IT8070 or even the Body Max IT6000 for $10 cheaper.

Choose Your Body Power Inversion Table!

Aside from the IT6300, both the IT9910 Seated Deluxe and ABI 1600 are keepers. There also variations of the models like the ABI 1780 and ABI 1610 but they are virtually the same. All in all, each Body Power inversion table has their ups and downs but the final decision is still up to you (or your back).