Inversion Table Accessories We Love!

Inversion tables are exercise machines that follow the “one size fits all” category. Unfortunately, our backs are very unique and there will be many of us whose inversion tables won’t fit like a glove.

That’s why there are inversion table accessories. These accessories add value to your inverting experience by making the table as comfortable and efficient as possible. They range from simple lumbar zone stretchers to hi-tech massagers. What’s more they are quite cheap too and perfect as add-ons to bigger purchases.

There are also items such as Cervical Neck Tractions and Spine Realignment Devices that are used outside inversion tables but are still great enhancements since purchasing them alone will be cost-inefficient.

This page is dedicated to listing most of the inversion table accessories. Check out the chart below and see if you find anything that fits your needs. You will also find short reviews after the chart.


Click here for more information about the Therapy Cushion$Heat Therapy to reduce back stress
Teeter Hang Ups Adjustable Acupressure Nodes$Gives you the ultimate massage!
Teeter Hang Ups Lumbar Bridge$Provides added support and increased decompression
Teeter Hangups Over Ez Training Handles - Inversion Table Accessory$Make de-inverting easier for beginners

Teeter Hang Ups Adapter Kit$Standard ankle clamps replacement
Teeter Hang Ups EZ Stretch Traction Handles$Improved decompression
Teeter Hang Ups Better Back Inversion Program Mat$Yoga exercise mat, floor protector, inversion guide

Inversion Table Accessories

We really like how we can trick-out our exercise machines with inversion table accessories. It feels like we own a customized car. So we reviewed these items and we’d like to share our awesome experience to you. Mission Inversion loves likes!

Ironman Inversion Table Heat Therapy Cushion

Ironman Inversion Table Accessories

Ironman always strives to bring out the best in their products. Enhance your inversion experience by adding heat to your therapy sessions – really great for healing sore muscles and reducing back stress. With this bad boy’s Infrared Heat Technology emanating from the carbon fibre matting of the cushion, you can be sure that your back will get that longed-for sense of relief and comfort. Click here for more information about the Therapy Cushion.

Teeter Hang Ups Adjustable Acupressure Nodes

Acupressure Nodes

Most of us here in Mission Inversion are massage enthusiasts so when we stumbled upon these Acupressure Nodes (we found these while searching for add-ons), we were exhilarated!

These inversion table accessories basically apply pressure to selected points on your back to relieve pressure and muscle tension, as well as heal swollen lymph nodes. These set of 8 nodes also increase blood circulation throughout the body giving you a fresher and livelier feeling! Though you need a bit of patience to install these things since they are fiddly to mount on the table and needs adjusting to find that sweet spot on your back. Go here for more information about this add-on.

Teeter Hang Ups Better Back Lumbar Bridge

Lumbar Bridge

This is another one of the many inversion table accessories from the Teeter corner: the Better Back Lumbar Bridge enhances your inversion experience by providing increased decompression and support to your lower back. It is also flexible so you can increase or decrease the arch depending on your body configuration or desired effect.

We recommend this for those with unusually arched backs or for those that aren’t content with subtle decompression.

It is quite a bummer, but can only use this accessory in the EP-60 series or those with ComforTrak feature. Check out the Lumbar Bridge here.

Teeter Hangups Over Ez Training Handles

Training Handles

More suited for the inversion newbie, the Ez Training Handles are intentionally looped backwards so they can “walk” themselves back to an upright position. It is compatible with the EP-650, EP-950, Ep-550, and EP-550 Sport series. See how the Training Handles can help here.

Teeter Hang Ups EZ-Up Gravity Boots with Conversion Bar Adapter Kit

Gravity Boots

These inversion table accessories replace the inversion table’s traditional ankle locks with gravity boots. The boots (together with the conversion bar) are said to take off the load on the knees and joints therefore letting you stay inverted longer. The assembly is also made of DuPont Hytrel that ensures flexibility and strength.

Like the standard ankle cushions, the Gravity Boots also comes with extra soft 5/8-thick paddings so your ankles and lower calves get the comfort they deserve.

These are only compatible with the (now obsolete) F-Series and EP-Series. Look at how the Gravity Boots compares to the conventional clamps here.

Teeter Hang Ups EZ Stretch Traction Handles

Traction Handles

These inversion table accessories are more suited for those that want to experience greater decompression on their backs. The Traction Handles are designed to accommodate for various arm lengths so rest assured that whatever your height is, they will still give you the ability to create a little more decompressing force than just regular inversion. Read more about the traction handles here.

We love how the handles let us straighten our backs before leaning again on the table – the cracking sound of decompression is painful, but oh-so worth it.

The EZ Stretch Traction Handles are only compatible with the EP-550 and EP-560. They are already included in the EP-960.

Teeter Hang Ups Better Back Program

Teeter Better Back Program

If you’re the type that likes to follow a regimen, then this is for you. The Better Back Program has 29 different illustrated inversion therapy exercises that you can do. Plus it doubles as a skid-free yoga mat. Sweet! Learn more about the Better Back Program here.

Take Your Pick!

These are the inversion table accessories that Mission Inversion loves. They will definitely enhance your inversion experience so if you think you need one, then don’t hesitate to grab one. Happy inversion!