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Nutrients and Minerals for a Healthy Back

It’s a no-brainer that we need to have a balanced diet comprising of Go, Glow, and Grow foods (hurray for primary school science!), but for those of us with back problems we have to keep a close look on the vitamins and minerals we take so that

Is Swimming Good for the Back?

We all know that swimming is quite a difficult sport because of the complexity of strokes you need to perform such as breast stroke and butterfly stroke. However, almost everyone can do freestyle. You don’t need to be professional on to look cool doing freestyle. The health

Best Inversion Tables for Connoisseurs

You’ve been dealing with a bad back for quite some time now – probably around 2 or more years – and you’ve entrusted the pain to an inversion table. You know the ins and outs of inversion therapy, its goods and bads, what ticks and what doesn’t.

How To Use An Inversion Table: Easy Guide!

Inversion tables are effective inversion therapy equipment. Not only do they decompress the spine, bring about muscle relaxation and improve blood circulation, but most of them also allow the user to perform various inverted exercises. Inversion tables will absolutely de-stress your body so you can be at

Inversion Table Accessories We Love!

Inversion tables are exercise machines that follow the “one size fits all” category. Unfortunately, our backs are very unique and there will be many of us whose inversion tables won’t fit like a glove. That’s why there are inversion table accessories. These accessories add value to your

Getting Started

Welcome to Mission Inversion! This website solely exists to deliver the best and most updated information on inversion tables and topics related to back and spinal health. We also provide you with inversion table reviews from time to time. If you want to check out the best

Do Inversion Tables Work? 8 Studies Say Yes!

We understand why many people are still sceptical about the positive benefits of inversion tables. We completely understand. In today’s plunging economy, we want to squeeze out every penny’s worth. After all, it is our hard-earned money. And if you’re thinking about buying an inversion table but

Simple Inversion Table Exercises YOU Can Do

Did you know that you can also do simple exercises with an inversion table? Yes, you can! Not only can inversion tables set your back straight and relieve some annoying pain but it can also tone your glutes, hamstrings, and even abs! Here are some inversion table

Top 8 Benefits of Inversion Table

I don’t blame you if you’re quite skeptical about the benefits of inversion table on the human body. After all, there are two schools of thought that keep on clashing on internet forums, news articles, and whatever media they can turn into battle arenas.  One school of